Sunday, 22 November 2015

This one is about throwing, or at least the results from throwing.
I have a long standing thing about dark deep blue. We had a "slops" glaze that was perfect, but eventually it ran out and then I was left with poor substitutes and trying to make a similar result. Not always very successfully.
Now I seem to have hit on a method that gives pretty good glaze. The plates are actually much deeper than the photo shows.

I have not yet decided whether to keep these plates or try to sell them at the Xmas sale.

This bowl and the lidded jars will be for sale.

The lower left front sold Saturday.

Monday, 16 November 2015

For the last few years I have been making a "Christmas special" a decoration for my short list of card recipients who deserve more than just a card.
In 2014 I found this design

in a book and made seven of them.  There is also a Christmas tree on the left side. I only took this photo then finished them and sent them off. Not keeping one for myself!

This year I found this sweater pattern online:

Everyone needs an ugly Christmas sweater!
I got caught up in the idea, floating around in some circles, that it might be fun to crochet a pair of socks. One of the blogs I read released a new pattern, they look nice, even possible, but 4£! for a pattern! I could buy socks for that much. Nice ones! I did try a while ago and made some using a free ( probably from a book) pattern and cheap thrift store yarn.
Actually they are pretty weird looking but they make acceptable bed-socks for cold winter nights.
After trying a couple of versions I realized that crocheting socks is a clear sign of not enough to do.
So I switched to mittens. Perhaps I can find a victim to give these to. May need to line them if they are going to be useful in our normal winters. This year so far we are having an el nino winter and it is very pleasant indeed.

Beehive Canadiana 100% superwash wool. a thrift store find.
Three different batches of hand spun wool, all from New Zealand, 35+ years ago .

Saturday, 7 November 2015

I have been interested to see that the post I did talking about the virus shawl I crocheted has had more views than any other. I guess the term virus is valid for that pattern. No more of that though, just non infectious crochet.
I made another shawl, entirely my own pattern. Well a couple of ideas from things I saw online and stitches from a "stitch bible" but still no one else worked on the pattern in any way

 It is too late to hang the shawl on the outside dryer, as it is away for the season.
 This is made with about 100  gm of acrylic/mohair blend. Two colours each found at a different thrift store in a different city and year.

The spun yarn was starting to accumulate so I made something with that too. This is 170 gm,  handspun and plied New Zealand wool which I have kept all these years. It was drum carded about 35 years ago, and spun this fall. The wool has lived with me in 6 houses and has crossed the width of North America twice ( after being shipped to me from a sheep farm in New Zealand in the late 1970s).

.It is very warm to wear!