Friday, 27 February 2015

Sweaters old and new.
I finished the warm blue sweater, and now have crocheter's remorse, as I find it too warm and close fitting. It makes me feel like a sausage roll, hot and tightly wrapped. I will try to flog it to a daughter!

 Making progress.
Blocking, don't forget blocking!
Well I can still add a ribbed bit along the 
bottom, if someone wants one.

Crocheting the sweater reminded me that I had done this before. Long, long ago. In the 1980s in fact as attested to by the '80s hair on the pattern models!
I also still have the sweaters. I may be able to send to thrift stores clothes I bought when they are  no longer used, but not so for things I made.

 This is actually knitted, and I don't knit! it is almost entirely in garter stitch, I may have had to get help for the neck and edge ribbing as purl and I do not get along.

 These 2 are crochet. When I did the pink one I was not listening to the dictum that the more complicated the stitch, the plainer the yarn. It is very slubby cotton blend yarn and it was fussy to crochet. It also now has a small hole where the very fine part of the yarn broke, so needs repairs.

 The aqua one is better because it looks very complicated, but when I finally found the pattern it is just half-double crochet done sideways. I couldn't believe at first, looking at it that it was such a simple stitch.

Here again knitting took over, again garter stitch, with crochet neckline. The cotton yarn is too heavy for the stitches and this one tends to drag down.

Now this is a triumph of knitting skill. And I did not do it!

Because wool makes me itch, this is almost entirely cotton, with bits of other fibres. My mother knitted this for me, also in the '80s. Each colour row is a different stitch. I would like to find this pattern and try to convert it to crochet!

In a very simple way I am now working on a second sweater. Inspired by the multi yarn one above.  This time with "cotton blend" no idea what it is blended with!

These were in the "value" bin at a discount store, in bags of three balls, each bag one pound.

I tried the yarn on hats, and it seemed OK so I bought one more and started a sweater.

This is intended as a summer evening type sweater. Each colour stripe is also a different stitch. I hate weaving in ends so I am carrying them up the side, they will have to disappear into the seam.
I had a couple of patterns that I liked the shape of, but when I tried a big swatch of each stitch,  I did not like it. ( I am learning, slowly!) So I invented my own pattern stitch combinations, and am using an approximation of the pieces. Basically this is going to be 4 rectangles. More as it happens!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

There is a new kid on the block. We have a new kiln at the guild, and I was so busy "assisting" with the delivery (so to speak) I forgot to take any photos! Several strong, mechanically apt, guys came and helped. Three of them held the kiln in the air while  elle (as in Elle Presidente!) changed the position of the cart it was resting on. Very impressive!
We still need electricity and venting but soon....

In other fields of endeavour I am, for the first time in many, many years making a sweater. Out of some yarn from that last shopping trip to Goodwill. Wait, I forgot to mention that!

Truly it is becoming an addiction. See thrift shop, find yarn. All that perfectly good yarn just sitting waiting for someone to adopt it. This batch was not so throw away cheap as some, perhaps because it is more recent. 14$ total for these balls. Six cotton balls, good for more donation hats or washcloths, and the acrylic will become a warm pullover.

I am using the Vanna's choice a thick [4] with a  6.5mm hook. And an online free pattern from Ben Franklin craft shops in "tweed" stitch. Also called woven stitch. It is going to be quite warm!

First part finished. Black yarn marks RS.
Further progress reports when progress is made. I still have reading to do!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Finally pots out of the kiln!
 The pen is there as a size marker. These are the first "big" bowls I have thrown since I broke my wrist in June. I think it is all better.
 One is already on the sale shelves.
You can see the height better from upside down.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

And then the laptop misbehaves!
It is now back, not yet fixed, from the tech shop. Just waiting for a new fan so that it does not sound like a jet readying for takeoff when I  turn it on.

I accidentally dropped in to my thrift shop last week. Bad idea, it was 50% off day! And of course there was yarn about. Only 3.75$ for this lot The variegated yarn doesn't look all that nice but it crochets up much better than it looks on the ball. Most of these yarns seem to be size 2 or 3.
 Some has already been transformed into little hats.

 These hats are preemie size. Made with 3.75mm or 4 mm hook.
 And so are these.
These were done on spec after someone mentioned needing hats in  newborn size as future gifts.

Also made a cocoon, in newborn size.
This is two yarns held together, a size 3 and a size 4 with a large hook, probably 9mm.

Two more in much smaller sizes, for donations.
With matching hats. The peach one has buttons for easier access.

And if that isn't enough I found these at a discount store, while innocently buying  shoes to wear at pottery.
Cotton blend, whatever that may be, 6$ for a pound. 3 balls make up each pound of yarn. It looks to be size 3.