Thursday, 5 February 2015

And then the laptop misbehaves!
It is now back, not yet fixed, from the tech shop. Just waiting for a new fan so that it does not sound like a jet readying for takeoff when I  turn it on.

I accidentally dropped in to my thrift shop last week. Bad idea, it was 50% off day! And of course there was yarn about. Only 3.75$ for this lot The variegated yarn doesn't look all that nice but it crochets up much better than it looks on the ball. Most of these yarns seem to be size 2 or 3.
 Some has already been transformed into little hats.

 These hats are preemie size. Made with 3.75mm or 4 mm hook.
 And so are these.
These were done on spec after someone mentioned needing hats in  newborn size as future gifts.

Also made a cocoon, in newborn size.
This is two yarns held together, a size 3 and a size 4 with a large hook, probably 9mm.

Two more in much smaller sizes, for donations.
With matching hats. The peach one has buttons for easier access.

And if that isn't enough I found these at a discount store, while innocently buying  shoes to wear at pottery.
Cotton blend, whatever that may be, 6$ for a pound. 3 balls make up each pound of yarn. It looks to be size 3.

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