Saturday, 21 February 2015

There is a new kid on the block. We have a new kiln at the guild, and I was so busy "assisting" with the delivery (so to speak) I forgot to take any photos! Several strong, mechanically apt, guys came and helped. Three of them held the kiln in the air while  elle (as in Elle Presidente!) changed the position of the cart it was resting on. Very impressive!
We still need electricity and venting but soon....

In other fields of endeavour I am, for the first time in many, many years making a sweater. Out of some yarn from that last shopping trip to Goodwill. Wait, I forgot to mention that!

Truly it is becoming an addiction. See thrift shop, find yarn. All that perfectly good yarn just sitting waiting for someone to adopt it. This batch was not so throw away cheap as some, perhaps because it is more recent. 14$ total for these balls. Six cotton balls, good for more donation hats or washcloths, and the acrylic will become a warm pullover.

I am using the Vanna's choice a thick [4] with a  6.5mm hook. And an online free pattern from Ben Franklin craft shops in "tweed" stitch. Also called woven stitch. It is going to be quite warm!

First part finished. Black yarn marks RS.
Further progress reports when progress is made. I still have reading to do!

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