Saturday, 25 April 2015

In other news

These hats were donated to Alberta Children's Hospital April 17, 2015.

Not everything crochet has to be wearable.

These 3 are made from 100% wool, intended to be made into aran sweater back when they were in fashion. To keep the fabric firm they are crochet with 2 strands held together, with 8mm hook.  They fit together reasonably well just as made, but I then blocked them by fitting each over an appropriately sized container, and spritzed each just to damp. Once dry they nest together perfectly.

Actually this wool has been here before. Another instance of the benefits of ripping out.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Sweaters Part 2
or 3 or 4...
Both sweaters I did earlier have now been changed. One I completely ripped out and made entirely differently, the other I just took the sleeves apart and redid.
Actually it is very liberating to know that once something is all finished, it really is not set in stone. Once you sew something, or at least once you have cut fabric, you can't un cut it. But crochet can be changed. rip it out and crochet again!

The plain blue acrylic is now a cardigan, instead of a pullover.

being blocked
An odd looking cardigan which looked fairly straightforward on the model!

The "summer sweater" of cotton had very wide sleeves, again much more odd than in their photo. I wish I could hold a sample made from of these patterns! Or turn them over, or have more photos. Some do not even give a photo of a model wearing it and when they do the model is clearly six feet tall and 110 pounds! So it can be difficult to guess what the sweater will look like on an average shaped person. I decided after a few wearings that the sleeves really were too wide. So I ripped them out and made simple one colour somewhat lacy sleeves.

original finish. the sleeves look OK but were 18 inches around at the cuff.

and so....
 And then...

I did not have a pattern for theses new sleeves, but I knew I did not want them to be very wide and flappy, so I started with a rib, then used the same stitch I had used for the blue on the original sleeve. A modified v stitch.

begin on a base of single crochet, skip first sc, *(sc, ch3, sc) in next st, sk one sc,* rep. jn with sl st,
 ch1, *into loop made with 3 ch, (sc, ch 3, sc)* rep into next lp 

And now a (sort of) new sweater
This post is my submission to the Deramores Craft Blog Competition 2015. Deramores is the UK’s number one online retailer of knitting and crochet supplies. Visit for more details.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Actually April 2,
part the first

I have just been reading a book which says conscientiousness is a trait which helps to fend off Alzheimer's.
My crochet activity does not bode well on that score. I am currently flitting around between 5 different projects!
Two were inspired by a knitting book, but I have switched them to crochet, one is a sweater that I am not sure if the intended recipient is interested in, so I have slowed down on that, another is trying to find SOMETHING to do with that pink yarn I bought in 1984, and a donation hat I was working  on while watching TV.

Part the second
now it is April 6

I finished 2 of those, so am feeling a bit less dispersed.

 Containers of some kind. The directions to which assume your wool is shrinkable. Wool is no longer shrinkable so they will have to stand up on their own. Starch maybe?

And in addition to finishing the one in earlier photo, I have done a couple more donation hats. Lots of TV to watch these last few days!


Pottery beads with a crochet cord. Fusion craft!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sweaters, another look.
The striped one did get finished, and worn in two provinces, although it is so heavy I may not take it in weighed baggage!

The blue pullover proved to be not as planned, and did not look anything like the photo with the pattern. So it has undergone metamorphosis!

 From this

To this!  >

And so it begins again!