Monday, 6 April 2015

Actually April 2,
part the first

I have just been reading a book which says conscientiousness is a trait which helps to fend off Alzheimer's.
My crochet activity does not bode well on that score. I am currently flitting around between 5 different projects!
Two were inspired by a knitting book, but I have switched them to crochet, one is a sweater that I am not sure if the intended recipient is interested in, so I have slowed down on that, another is trying to find SOMETHING to do with that pink yarn I bought in 1984, and a donation hat I was working  on while watching TV.

Part the second
now it is April 6

I finished 2 of those, so am feeling a bit less dispersed.

 Containers of some kind. The directions to which assume your wool is shrinkable. Wool is no longer shrinkable so they will have to stand up on their own. Starch maybe?

And in addition to finishing the one in earlier photo, I have done a couple more donation hats. Lots of TV to watch these last few days!


Pottery beads with a crochet cord. Fusion craft!

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