Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Really this seems to be too easy. Click a couple of buttons, type in a name and there it is. Wait, it should be harder than this.  Well one does need to actually write a post, or there will be nothing to read.
The only way to start is to jump right in today and then go forward and backwards as needed. So here is today.

First item. This is how far I am so far in CAL with Lucy. We all know Lucy, right? 
It may not look exactly like her blanket. I admit I changed the yarn (mine is a 4 hers is 3) the hook size ( 5.0 vs 4.0) the number of colours ( 6 vs 15), the actual colours, and the starting number of chains (150 vs 198).
But I did keep the stitch pattern the same. And the inspiration is all hers. I would not be doing this otherwise!

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