Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Much of the time a hobby serves to separate a person from the rest of the household. And admittedly that is sometimes part of the appeal! No one wants to hang around while the sewing machine drones or chugs away. Pottery needs an entire studio, and I don't have one. So off I go the "the guild" when I want to pot.
Even knitters click and clack quietly as they work. 
But crocheting is quite a peaceful, non assertive occupation. If you pick a simple project and count quietly, you can watch TV, or converse with friends. And the equipment is minimal too. no expensive sewing machine, or free arm quilter. No wheel or kiln.
Just a hook and some yarn and you are off!

Well maybe more than one hook. There are 18 here and I have a few others not in the carrier, including a size 15mm and a couple of old ones so small they have protective covers over the hook end. I have not yet used either of those sizes. The 15mm came in a multi-pack with  8mm, 9mm, and 10mm, and I have used those 3 sizes. This is the second hook carrier I have made. The first held 10 hooks and is now much too small. Still the cost for both was minimal: scrap fabric and a few minutes sewing.

The other essentials are small sharp scissors and a tapestry needle. I lost mine while on holiday in 2013 and found that not every store carries them! I ended up buying one from a kind knitter who ran a yarn store in Oamaru, NZ. She sold me her own needle out of her kit.  I am very careful not to lose it! It has a large eye and works well to weave in any ends I have left over.

A delivery of tiny hats is on its way to equally tiny heads at the RA NICU.

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