Sunday, 8 March 2015

Everything but sewing today.
I finally took photos of the new kiln. It is so pretty.  It also works well as the open photo shows!

The first load was run Thursday night to Friday morning, and unloaded Sunday.

Some glazed pots are shown in the next photo. Quite a few are mine. Well if it was going to explode or anything, it might as well be my stuff!  But it behaved very nicely and has now joined its friends as a kiln workhorse at the guild.

Sometimes glaze does not behave as you expect.
Too thick a layer has untoward consequences!

Not only the mug, but also the shelf was damaged, but I repaired it and  we are not going to mention that!

This batch of mugs is intended as gifts.

In other news concerning application of heat, I baked lemon cookies Saturday

And, no heat involved, slow progress is being made on the latest sweater. This one is kind of my own pattern.
Other projects keep getting in the way, but the end is in sight.
Just the second sleeve to finish then all the joining!

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