Thursday, 16 July 2015

It is 16C today, a big and welcome change from the plus 30C we were having last week. It feels OK to touch yarn again!
So some crochet projects:
The all pink "lapghan" I had started last crochet update

I don't actually wear scarves, but I do like these scarf/shawl items and they do seem to be popular online. Currently I own 4, and want to give more away, several have already been given to ( hopefully) good homes.

Peach colour, with beads, my own pattern

Sea Foam scarf, inspired by Kat Goldin 'Spun Gold'

To keep someone's neck warm next winter, crochet cowls.

A bit tired of crocheting in cotton, and having finally used up almost all my cotton  stash, I have switched to acrylic crochet hats to give away. Possibly to Bissell Centre.

Now I think I will go and bake some cookies, while the temperature is reasonable!

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