Monday, 14 September 2015

Finished a few things this week.
The Katniss cowl , using "inspiration" from two different sources is done and the photo has been approved by planned recipient!

As a change from something warm and practical I also made this:

Described as a summer cowl It is intended to be made in a much finer yarn, and would presumably then look much more "air-y".

And the really slow one, because this is made in a pattern appropriate yarn:
beginning to block. How are we supposed to block cotton anyway?
I did not exactly time this but I do know that the last 90% or so was done while watching 4 Masterpiece Mystery s, and the entire rebroadcast of Ken Burns "The Civil War". It is forever going  to  remind me of that dolorous violin background music!

On a more practical note (no pun intended) I whipped up a warm neck cowl.
My pattern, drastically modifying one I found online.

And after all that I am back to making baby hats. Posting next time.

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