Friday, 12 December 2014

I went shopping again today, at Goodwill, and for 10$ this is my haul.
I really need to get crocheting faster, or staying out of stores with really good deals on random yarn. The large blue ones are fuzzy and size 5. Either hats or slippers. Or maybe a scarf?
The red ones at the top are bumpy or boucle like in texture. The size is not specified but they must be 5 or 6. Red is not usually my colour but 6 - 70g balls plus that bit of purple for 4$, how can I pass that up? And tucked in the middle are 3 balls of cotton, 2 variegated and one plain blue to make the donation hats.
There was also a half skein of Phentex. Awful stuff. Grannies used to make slippers out of it. They (the slippers) never wore out ( unfortunately, as they were always ugly). I will give that to my husband to use to tie up the tomatoes next summer.

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