Sunday, 7 December 2014

Shopping for yarn.
Last week I dropped in at my favourite thrift store to check out their crafty supplies section. I found some yarn. Total cost 9$.
I checked online to find out how well I did. The round flat ball in the lower left, a burnt orange colour, is Harris, with Rowan. The closest equivalent I can find is listed online for 10.95$ a 50 gm ball. I have one and between 1/2 and a whole other ball in small leftovers, so I covered it right there! The pink is cotton and I see it adding to my crochet flowers someday. The pale green, 3 skeins of "unknown fibre" probably mostly acrylic is becoming a scarf/Nantucket cowl. Here is the start...
 The rest will just add to my piles of yarn for now. ( stash sounds too organized for my collection!)
I also have some "finishes" in leftover yarn from the crochet blanket/afghan. After a request for slippers I am into old fashioned crochet footwear.

These are in RH comfort yarn from my Walmart 10 pounds (yes 4540gm) of yarn for 65$ day. I used it for the afghan and still have LOTS left.
Off to hook!

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