Sunday, 24 May 2015

It IS possible to turn back time.
Or at least to fix a crochet piece which did not turn out the right way.
I have ripped out, right to the first stitch, before; but if most of the piece is good, then that can be very discouraging. I crocheted a shawl/scarf from a free online pattern and started with one yarn then changed to another part way through. I thought they were closer in character than they turned out to be though, and in the end I did not like the first few rows.
I posted an appeal for help to a facebook group I belong to " Make it, wear it (crochet and knitting) " and a reply led me to a Utube video  which gave me enough help that I could figure out the rest.
The white part was a thicker yarn and somewhat scratchy. It also did not have the flexibility or stretchiness of the variegated yarn so it pulled the shape in.
To remove it I first had to be sure the wanted stitches did not unravel. I threaded a cord through each stitch of the first desirable row, cut away the unwanted parts, then pulled a "good" piece of yarn through to replace the cord.
Then, still following the Utube instructions I crocheted a row of single crochet and chain. In this case I tried to mimic what should have been there.
It now looks as though the first row was crocheted into a row of chain.
I may add a row of single crochet or of some matching kind of edging to make the top end a bit more sturdy, but overall I am pleased with the results.
A new summer shawl/scarf. Truly a ta da moment!

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