Thursday, 28 May 2015

Busy garden season keeps one away from other projects. But now the garden is almost entirely planted and pot trimming commences.
 I never seem to remember to take photos at pottery. maybe because my hands are usually dirty!
 I may take a table at a farmers market later in the summer to try to sell crochet and pottery items. I thought I had better get some suitable things made. Mugs are always useful and usually salable too so I threw a few last week. Here they have been trimmed and handles attached. Once they are dry enough it is into the bisque kiln for first firing.  I also threw a few bowls, but I need more and bigger ones. Big bowls are usually a hit at sales, at least here at the guild.
Two shallow bowls, with Rorschach patterns!

Everyone sees the design as something different. To me it is like seaweed, others say trees. One person saw ghosts!

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