Saturday, 20 June 2015

A bit of everything this time!
Since the last post I have had company for a week, been out of town for 4 days and generally puttered around. but some things did get accomplished.


well always some hooky

 A second shawl/scarf in a variegated white/pink/green/beige. This time I did not start with un-liked yarn and did not have to take it apart.

Not a selection of very narrow scarves!
These are the beginning of a strip afghan. Each will have a border, then the pieces will be joined together and an edging added.


These three have moved a few steps further along the path but I still have not glazed them. Can't decide what  want them to look like.


Every few weeks I make a batch of 8 loaves of bread. One of this weeks batch.


On request I am trying scrubs hats. This is the best so far, it fits me, now to see if it fits the requester!

It is surprisingly hard to take a reasonable looking photo of a hat, without a head!

So there we are, all "crafts" checked in.

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